The armies came by night, materializing beneath our walls as if born from the darkness itself. Their catapults flung great orbs of fire. Their battering rams smashed against our gates. Their wizards did things that completely freaked us out.

We fled to the east, living off the land, trying to elude our pursuers. Dr. Chesapeake Marchpane took an arrow in the shoulder and disappeared into a network of caverns known only to himself. Vandal-prone was captured at the ford and put in a cell with a girl who already had a boyfriend.

Somewhere else, Jose Mourinho gave a press conference.

At last, driven from our own domain, we washed up on the docks of Tumblr. From our refuge here we have begun to establish a new operation, dedicated to uncovering the truth about our mysterious enemies and one day, somehow, returning triumphantly home.

(Bottom line? It was time to shake things up. Our old domain remains as a ruin, an archive, and a record of a civilization that once was. Perhaps, on some near or distant day, we will return. In the meantime, The Run Of Play In Exile starts here. Check back for writing about soccer and occasional pictures of maps.)

(Also: Yeah, no comments for now. You can get in touch via Twitter or by using the “Ask” link to the left.)

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